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Here's how I can help you

  • We offer sellers two choices: full service representation, or limited "a la carte" services.

    Full Service Counsel: For a standard flat fee, we will help you draft and negotiate the contract, clear the inspection, attorney review, and financing contingencies (as well as any others that you may decide to agree to). We will help you obtain the title insurance reports and any certifications, surveys, or clearances you need from local governments, lenders and other lien holders. We will draft the required closing papers and represent you at closing. Without a real estate agent on your side, our role as counselor increases and there is a modest surcharge compared to agent-assisted closings to compensate for the added effort that is required.

    A la Carte FSBO Services. Perhaps you want to handle your own negotiations, or you're willing to get your own loan pay-off statements, transfer tax stamps, zoning certifications, or attend to the several other pre-closing matters. If so, you can limit our engagement and pay a pre-set fee for just the services you need help with.. As much or as little as your circumstances require. Here are our standard rates for some pretty typical "limited" functions

    We don't necessarily recommend that a seller proceed to closing without legal representation. Problems can crop up in any number of unexpected ways and foregoing all professional counsel is a risky proposition. Many of these services are offered with little or no legal advice. You get what you pay for and that's that.

    Please proceed with caution.