In today's market, closing real estate deals isn't easy. And it's only getting more complicated.

From in-flux mortgage rates, new loan guidelines and title policies to ever-changing state,
local and federal regulations, there is always something new that you and your
clients should know.

We're here to help. Michael developed a system to keep you and your clients current on the latest real estate changes that affect local closings. It's all to make your clients smarter, more informed and better-prepared buyers.

We strive to give your clients the service they deserve. Read Michael's 7-Step Closing Plan. It's an added value that we provide, and hardly anyone else in the Chicago area is offering it.

Looking for faster, easier deals? Simply have your clients contact us
BEFORE your next deal is under way.
• Relieves you of having to give legal advice or explanations.
• Makes your clients smarter and better prepared for their loan applications and for their closings.
• Offers clients an additional objective sounding board for issues or questions that come up during the search and negotiations.
• Lets our side take control of a negotiation earlier and more effectively.
• Resolves attorney approval and contract modifications by eliminating them altogether.
• Makes closings go faster and smoother. And we all like that

Plus, save your clients $50
As an additional incentive, we offer a $50 discount if clients pre-pay in full at the outset of an engagement.

Refer your clients to us and we'll also donate $50 for each closing
We appreciate your referrals and will donate $50 from our fees in your client's name.
It's called Thanks to You. It's easy and it makes a difference to many worthy organizations.

  • "If you are buying or selling property, Mike is one of the few attorneys who will answer his own phone when you call his office....He responds quickly and pleasantly and I know without a doubt my clients are protected."
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