For most people, the purchase of a home is the single largest monetary transaction in their
lives. In our collective and individual experiences, our practice has seen enough deals to know that each closing varies for each buyer and each transaction.

Your real estate lawyer should be your advocate and independent counselor when
questions or problems arise. We take that one step further and strive to anticipate
and avoid problems altogether.

Here are the minimal services we provide for your purchase:

  • Provide or review your initial offer or bid
  • Negotiate offer revisions or cancellation after the property inspection
  • Review the final contract before you sign
  • Prepare for funding contingencies
  • Communicate with all the professionals on your team
  • Arrange the timing and logistics of your closing
  • Coordinate dual closings if you are buying and selling
  • Verify deeds
  • Prepare closing documents
  • Assure that the deed is recorded properly
  • Complete post-closing recording
  • Enforce all agreements

Save $50 on your closing
You'll receive a $50 discount if you prepay in full at the onset of an engagement.
It's easy. We'll tell you about it at our initial consultation.

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