Greetings from Chicago!
Welcome to the Michael H. Wasserman law practice for Chicago, the surrounding suburbs and adjoining counties. Our practice focuses on real estate law: we help sellers sell and buyers buy.

Our firm specializes in closing today's real estate transactions:

Single-Family Homes
Co-operative Apartments
Apartment Buildings
Investment Properties

Our primary goal is to help you navigate the complex real estate process
(in these very complex times) in order to protect your interests and close
your transaction on time, as planned.

We charge a flat fee for most projects. So no matter how long or short your contract
negotiations, you won't have any surprises (from us, at least).

Best of all working with us is easy. When you call, we answer the phone.
Call 312.726.1512 or email Michael to get started, today!
  • "If you are buying or selling property, Mike is one of the few attorneys who will answer his own phone when you call his office....He responds quickly and pleasantly and I know without a doubt my clients are protected."
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